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San Diego Wedding Planners

We have something that we absolutely have to tell you. You really need to hire a wedding planner for the months leading up to your special day. Take our word for it, an experienced and professional wedding planner will be able to point you in the right direction for all of your vendors. They can also run interference between you and any of your overly opinionated relatives. They also will be able to manage all of your deadlines and your entire wedding calendar. And if that isn't enough, they will be able to help you save money because of their great connections. And let's face it, stressing out in the days leading up to your big day is not the optimal way to spend what should be an amazingly awesome time for you and your fiance. The only thing that we need to stress as you start your search in the San Diego is that you want to find the wedding planner that is the perfect fit for you in every way, for your vision, your style, and your personality. Below are some guidelines as to how to approach this all important search.

First things first. Gather the contact information of quality candidates. You can get these from people you know that might have recently participated in a wedding. You can also do some online searching for planners in the San Diego area. However you find them, make sure that you search for each candidate online and check out as much information as you possibly can before you decide that they are worthy of an interview. Setup a time and place to interview each planner that you deem worthy of being considered for your wedding. Start out your interview by asking them why did they become a wedding planner in the first place. This questions should reveal their passion or lack thereof. If they are in the wedding planning field just to make money, you will want to move onto your next candidate. You are better off with a person that is passionate about their craft and who wants to make their clients weddings the absolute best they can be. What was the most challenging wedding they have ever planned? How did they overcome those challenges. Do they have any certifications? Have they won any awards? Where did they receive their training? How much experience do they have? How many clients do they feel that they can service at the same time. You certainly can understand that they will have other clients, you just want to makes sure that you will be given enough of their time and effort to pull everything off in a quality fashion. How do they like to communicate with their clients and how often?

Have they ever planned a wedding at your chosen venue? Do they have a list of recommended vendors and do you have to choose from among them? What kind of a discount can you get if you do use the professionals they recommend? Will they do all of the negotiating with your vendors including reviewing the contracts that you need to sign? Ask to see their package deals if they offer them.

How will the paying of all of your expenses work. Do you give them a large sum of money and they end up paying each expense as it comes up or do you do one at a time?.How does the planner get their cut? Ask for references. Make sure that you talk to these past clients, this is first hand knowledge of how they operate. Pay attention to how each candidate responds to your ideas. Do they run right over what you have to say or do they listen and make constructive suggestions. If you feel like they are not open to your suggestions, cross them off of your list. Do you think you would have a good working relationship with them? Can they work within your budget? Once you are done with all of your interviews, pick the planner that you feel you have the best fit with and the one that will be able to do the most for your wedding.