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Let's face it, planning a wedding can be exhausting and overwhelming. There are so many details to think about when it comes to planning your wedding. You have long checklist to keep tabs on, venues to book, and contracts to sign. One of the mistakes many people make is related to trying to save money. Cost cutting measures, while totally understandable, if made in the wrong area, could spell disaster for your upcoming nuptials. For instance, many people think that by cutting back on the budget for a Wedding DJ, they can still get by with acceptable entertainment but yet rein in their costs. May we be so bold as to recommend that this be one of the areas that you not try to realize a huge savings on. One of the things that most of your wedding guests will be looking forward to at your wedding is the entertainment. And if you think that Joe from work can do an adequate job because he got a boombox for Christmas and has been practicing in his basement, we beg you to reconsider. Here are a few suggestions to you with not only the price, but what to look for in your wedding DJ as well. Remember, there is no substitute for a true professional and someone with experience. So, as you start your search in the San Diego area, consider the path we outline for you below and if followed, we believe that at the end of your special day, you will be looking back with real satisfaction.

You want one thing for your wedding in every arena is quality. Start by looking online for wedding DJs in the San Diego area. Check out some of the DJ's websites. You want to make sure that they exude a professional appearance on the web. They should have a section with some sample wedding performances. When you find a few that you like for one reason or another, contact them and see if they have your wedding date available. If they do, meet up with them and interview them for your DJ position. Talk about how they operate, do they provide clients with a written legal contract. If they don't drop them from your list immediately. This is protection for both of you. If this isn't a problem, make sure that the person you are meeting with is the actual DJ who will be working your wedding. This is extremely important so that you are not surprised on your wedding day by someone who you have not built a rapport with and who perhaps you will hate.

Experience is more important that just about anything you could talk about. How long have they been in business and how many weddings they have done? You have heard the old adage that practice makes perfect. Well, it is true in the DJ business as well. If someone has talent to be a great DJ, the more they have honed their skills the better they will be at their craft. Do they DJ any other kind of events? Keep in mind that being a wedding DJ calls for a very different set of skills than other types of DJ work. How did they learn the business? Have them share some footage of weddings they have done. Do you like what you see and hear? Ask for references and talk to each one about their experience.

Are they comfortable being an emcee for your various announcements? If this is important to you, this is a key question. How do they work with the crowd? Will you have any say in the music they play? What kind of packages do they offer? These are all very important questions to get answered now before you make any decisions. Sit down and do a serious comparison of each person you interviewed. If you find that you like one candidate above the rest but they charge a bit more, it may be worth it. Just keep in mind how important your entertainment is and don't be cheap with this decision.